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Drake - Girls Love Beyonce (ft. James Fauntleroy)

I’ve been avoiding commitment
that’s why I’m in this position… 

Yes, that’s exactly why, sir. And no, I’m still not coming over. I need someone to leave through the front door with.

Brad Paisley - Accidental Racist (feat. LL Cool J)

Like, I don’t know where to begin…

"they called it Reconstruction"
…oh, so we’re still on slavery. Okay.

"fixed the buildings, dried some tears"
whose tho?

"and we’re still sifting through the rubble"
it took the WTC cleanup quicker than this…

"after 150 years"
that’s all?

because I thought it was over jim crow

and neoslavery
and cointelpro
and reaganomics
and the prison industrial complex
and all that shit y’all did AFTER slavery
because it was a lot.

Marvin Gaye - I Want You (rehearsal session)

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Marvin could have had all the constituent pieces of my business. Anytime, anywhere. I could’ve found him wearing my panties, negotiating selling me to Teddy Pendergrass for an 8-ball… and I’da STILL smashed.